What Is Manifestation?

Getting what you want. As simple as that. But first things first.

One of the interesting things about any self-development program is the fact that motivation and intention play a massive role in achieving whatever objective it is that you’ve set for yourself.

This is just as true in the area of sexual satisfaction and relationships as it is in setting financial targets, or any other materialistic objective such as having a new house or car.

Now, people often shy away from the idea that you can create your reality (especially your sexual reality) by a process of manifestation, but in fact this is a mistake.

As human beings, we are designed to take advantage of the universe’s tendency to respond to requests that are put out to it in good faith, accompanied by complete belief and passionate intensity.

In every case of self-improvement that I’ve personally facilitated or observed,  clear intention has been material to the success achieved. Click here to read more about this.

But when women are trying to achieve easy orgasms (i.e ones reached without emotional difficulty or excessive physical activity) there are some extra things to be careful about.

For the truth of the matter is that women have to be very determined and clear about what changing historical patterns – especially around sexual expression. This is because it is their very determination and the emotional energy which is generated that fuel the process of manifestation and creating a desired outcome. Yet by definition, anorgasmia is a state associated with low libidinous energy!

The Steps in Manifestation

These are classic steps and you’ll all undoubtedly have heard about them before, but it’s well worth repeating them.

The first one is to picture exactly what it is that you want in every possible detail, using the process of visualization for a few minutes morning and evening to implant the expectation of success in your subconscious mind.

The second step is to generate intense desire: which basically means that you must be passionate about whatever it is that you trying to create or manifest.

Since matters of the heart, and sexual issues, are some of the most emotionally important to human beings, if your objectives center in this area, the emotional energy that fuels the process of manifestation should not be hard to generate.

Third, you must believe passionately, and without a shadow of doubt, that you can actually achieve whatever it is that you are trying to manifest in your life – be that material, emotional, spiritual, or indeed something in any other area of your existence.

Negative beliefs are the absolutely critical factor in determining success or failure in the process of manifestation. Few people will ever be able to succeed in obtaining their desires unless they deal with the negative beliefs that they hold about themselves and their capacity to generate what it is they want in the real world.

You see, the point about negative beliefs is that they destroy the emotional energy that fuels the process of manifestation: unless you believe, you won’t be able to generate the emotional excitement and joy that surrounds the achievement of your goal or objective in your imagination.

And that emotional energy is absolutely critical to the process of co-creation. (In case you’re wondering, co-creation refers to the fact that anything that you achieve will only manifest through the cooperation of the Universal Laws of Nature – otherwise known as God, Cosmic Consciousness, the Mystery or some other Euphemism for the Intelligence that lies behind our existence, and the existence of every other thing in the cosmos.)

Fourth, and finally, you must take action of some kind: it doesn’t necessarily have to be the massive action recommended by some writers and authorities on the process of manifestation, but you do have to do something.

There are two reasons for this: the first is that taking action demonstrates the universe that you are genuinely intent on creating an outcome. The second is that taking action signals to your own subconscious that you have a desire to achieve some specific objective, and that you’re working towards it.

By focusing your subconscious in this way, you’re much more likely to see any passing opportunities, and also more likely to come across what look like “coincidences” or, in other words, serendipitous events which help you on the way to your desired outcome.

Now having said all that, of course there are many resources available which can help you in learning about the techniques of manifestation and co-creation.

You don’t have to do all this yourself; in fact, many experts in this area would say that it’s actually impossible to do it yourself, because you would be operating outside universal laws of nature… And they are not called “laws” for nothing!

One of the websites that I found particularly helpful in understanding manifestation and The Laws of Attraction is The Real Secret, which you can find if you click here.

It’s also incredibly important to remember that manifestation is a natural human skill, but there are certain prerequisites before you can actually make it happen!

The universe isn’t capricious, but then on the other hand the universe doesn’t respond to requests made superficially, or without serious intention.

You got to have complete belief, you got have fervent desire, and you got to have positive expectation that what you are trying to manifest will actually happen.

If you’d like to read a whole load of manifestation techniques, you can do that here. One of the key factors, without any doubt, is the intensity or solidity of your belief about the process of manifestation.

This could be summed up by repeating one of Napoleon Hill’s famous aphorisms: what the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve!

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