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Text Your Ex Back

I’m getting a lot of enquiries about an online program called Text Your Ex Back — which is basically a way of getting back together with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend after a relationship breakup.

This program is available on the Internet in many places, and it’s extremely popular — because it’s a very successful way of establishing or re-establishing your relationship (in my opinion!).

It’s written by Mike Fiore, who is one of the most widely known Internet gurus on relationships, and who offers salient, sound advice on just about every relationship situation you can imagine.

In this case of course, Text Your Ex Back is all about getting back together after breaking up with your boyfriend or breaking up with your girlfriend. You can read a lot more about it here.

It’s predicated on the assumption that a certain number of people will know after the breakup that really they’ve made a terrible mistake, and they want their ex-partner back, and they want a new relationship, a healthier, more emotionally satisfying relationship, the one they had before.

Now this is an interesting challenge, because the thing that causes a breakup is the thing that really represents our deepest issue — whatever that may be. To get back together with partner without doing any work at a psychotherapeutic deep level is almost asking for trouble, in my opinion.

Relationships thrive when people heal their emotional wounds, and they can then approach relationships in a less emotive way.

So it’s a reasonable question to ask whether or not Text Your Ex Back actually does this. And the answer is — in part.

Why Relationships Fail

Mike Fiore certainly provides us with a lot of information about why relationships fail, and he offers a great deal of support and advice which is aimed at helping you to establish whether or not you really do want to get back together with your ex-partner, or whether it might be better to move onto a relationship with someone else.

However, having said that, the majority of Text Your Ex Back is a simple straightforward program which gives you things you can do — and what that means in this context is sending SMS text messages to your ex-partner — to re-establish a relationship after a breakup.

This may sound totally bizarre, but the fact of the matter is it seems to work.

And the reason it works is probably because texting is a neutral medium in which you can say all kinds of things in a less emotive and perhaps even less wounding way than you could if you were sitting opposite your ex-partner saying these things face-to-face.

By using a carefully structured series of text messages, each of which has a specific purpose, each of which is designed to rebuild the relationship in a particular way, you can avoid the difficulties which face-to-face communication might invoke.

Of course, at some point you’re going to have to get together with your partner and face them if you want a real relationship with them, but the objective is that by the time that happens, you’re functioning on a different wavelength, and you and your partner will have established a much deeper and more emotionally mature relationship.

Now you may be wondering whether or not this actually works: one good way to establish this is to look at the Internet to try and find out whether or not there are any independent reviews which can give us insight into the effectiveness of Mike Fiore’s program Text Your Ex Back.

It’s hard to find any independent reviews on the Internet about anything — the reason being, obviously, that people want to sell stuff, and then tend to lie about the product. In some cases it may be that they haven’t even bought the product, which is the worst and most unethical kind of salesmanship imaginable.

However, there is almost nothing bad about Mike Fiore or Text Your Ex Back on the Internet – and what that signifies to me is that there’s not really much negative stuff out there. If you want to know how powerful a negative reputation can spread, just search for Google sniper or George Montagu Brown.

One of the places where we can get good information about how people feel about a person or product is — and in fact Mike Fiore, it turns out, has written a book called Six simple tricks to crack the man code and get any guide to open his heart. One reviewer speaks of this book in the following way: “As usual Michael Fiore has consolidated complicated dating information in his new book … and he gets brutally honest about the emotional states and maturity of any man, explaining why he’s that way, offering information about how get him to open up, and explaining why he does what he does.”

There are many similar powerful reviews, all of which seem to be positive. There are actually quite a lot of reviews from women, who are generally quite critical of anything that doesn’t offer good value for money on the Internet — so I think that’s a really positive sign, and all in all I strongly support this as a way in which you may well be able to establish a better more healthy relationship. Read this too!


Ways To Get Back Together Easily!

To give you just one example of the modules in Text Your Ex Back — and that is module 2, called The Dumper Or The Dumped.

It’s all about finding the reasons that really lay behind your breakup, and regardless of whether you were the one who broke off the relationship, or whether your partner broke it off with you, the fact of the matter is that before you start even trying to think about getting back together, you’re going to need to know exactly what the purpose of the relationship was — and why it failed!

Of course the point is that if you’re trying to get back with somebody, you need to have a very good reason why. It’s no use going back to them just because your ego suggested that it would make you feel better, or because you’re needy in some way: going back your ex-partner will satisfy this need.

Those are hardly good reasons to getting back into a relationship — obviously!

So you may hear trite observations like “you don’t appreciate me” when your relationship breaks up — another favorite one of course is “it’s not your fault it’s mine!”

But these comments, and all the others like them, have some hidden meaning which is much deeper and more significant in terms of why your relationship broke up.

Mike Fiore is very good at interpreting the things people say to each other to explain why a relationship breaks — and in fact there are some golden gems of information here. For example, he tells you what the number one indicator of a failed relationship is. Priceless!

If that criteria applies to you, then there’s absolutely no point whatever trying to get back with your ex-partner — there’s just no hope of a successful future for you.

It’s things like this that make Mike Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back a source of relationship information that goes way beyond anything else ever seen on the Internet.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not deep psychological information or psychotherapy — it’s practical relationship information of the best kind — the kind that can allow you to establish a successful relationship and move on to a better future with your partner, your ex-partner, or a new partner.

Module 3 is about establishing what you want to happen when you get back with your partner — that is to say, if you make up you must establish with your ex-partner what your goal is for the relationship.

All people have different objectives, quite reasonably, from relationships, so there’s no reason why you should expect to have the same outcome of a relationship repair job to anybody else.

So sorting out what you want and how you can get it is absolutely critical to using the rest of Mike Fiore’s program to get back together with your ex-partner.

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