Contents Of The Female Orgasm Blueprint (by Orgasm Arts)

When you sign in to the members’ portal you’re greeted by a screen which offers you three options: The Female Orgasm Blue Print Video Modules;  Orgasm Arts Bonus Materials;  and  Extras and Resources.

We’ll see what the bonuses are about in just a moment. (Basically, they’re billed as “extra information and resources for getting the most out of your sex life.”) But let’s start with the 10 Female Orgasm Blue Print Video Modules. You can view these online one at a time, or you can download them as a package:

Module 01: Mindset For Approaching Orgasms
Module 02: Guiding Her Mind
Module 03: Female Anatomy
Module 04: Clitoral Orgasms
Module 05: G-Spot Orgasms
Module 06: A-Spot Orgasms
Module 07: Oral Sex
Module 08: Squirting Orgasms
Module 09: Troubleshooting
Module 10: Forever Orgasms (Additional Techniques)

First impressions: the layout and presentation are clear and simple, the site is easy to use. But what about the content? Well, when it comes to techniques for getting a woman off, Jason leaves nothing out. And that means you’re going to be one of the most popular guys around! I mean, what does a woman want more than anything else in bed? A guy who knows how to pleasure her sensitively and skilfully, both in body and mind, that’s what. And you are going to be that man. Let’s find out why.

Module 1 – Mindset For Approaching Orgasm
9 minutes 30 seconds

This is a scene setting module, in which Jason talks about the mindset you and your girl need to enjoy female ejaculation and whole-body orgasms. Majoring on female psychology, he makes some great points: for example, you have to have the woman on your side, and she definitely needs to feel there isn’t any pressure for a particular outcome. Being relaxed and comfortable with the whole idea of G spot orgasm and squirting is essential, and with Jason’s help you’ll be able to cultivate the right atmosphere to move ahead with the techniques in further modules.

Module 2 – Guiding Her Mind
23 minutes

Standby to be amazed, guys! Do you know enough about female psychology already? Maybe? Well, do you know what makes a woman want to go to bed with a man? Do you know how to talk to a woman so she sees you as the best thing in her life, so she’s in the right place emotionally and psychologically, so she wants to have sex with you?

No? OK, so Module 2 is vital for your success. The scary thing about female psychology is that it’s all about feelings. Sorry about this – but you just can’t get away from her feelings if you want to enjoy great sex.

If you’re a man, you’re probably driven by lust and desire and sheer downright randiness when you think about having sex. (Sure, that’s an over-generalization, but it’s good enough for our purposes.) Women, by contrast, are driven by much more subtle influences. After all, she’s the one who might get pregnant and have to raise a child. Biologically, it makes a great deal of sense for her to have a set of filters that she uses to test you before she decides if she wants to have sex with her.

Now, I’m not denying that we live in an emancipated age where women can choose to have sex just because they’re feeling horny. But (as you probably know), when it comes to  getting into bed, the woman controls the sex. That means you need to understand how to deal with her.

In other words, men want sex, and women want … well, certainly something more than just sex. And the way you talk to a woman is absolutely vital in determining whether or not she decides you’re the kind of guy she’d like to have in her bed. Fortunately for you, if you don’t know anything about this stuff, Jason Julius lays it all out for you in Module 2. “Guiding Her Mind”: yep, that just about says it all.

Yes? You already know about this stuff? Well, you’re very fortunate, because you’re one of the few men around who understand female psychology. But don’t you think it might possibly be a good idea to have a peek at Module 2 anyway, just to check you’re on the right lines?

Module 3: Female Anatomy
18 minutes 17 seconds

Listen up guys: from the day you were born you’ve played with your penis, for one reason or another, some functional, some pleasurable. But it’s not like that for women, because what they have is tucked away neatly out of sight. And so a woman might not be very familiar with her own sexual equipment, or the way her genitals look – which may mean she isn’t the best person to guide you around them. Step up Jason!

This module starts with a quick revision course about clitoris, vagina, labia and more. Maybe you know all this stuff already (good for you!) – and if you don’t this is certainly a pretty handy guide to all things female.

What follows is much more important, though, because Jason explains the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms, with pictures that leave you in no doubt about what you need to do and where you need to do it, so as to bring a woman off at the highest levels of pleasure.

Even if you think you already know this stuff, there’ll be plenty of new stuff too. In particular, listen to what one woman has to say about the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms and how they make her feel.

Module 4: Clitoral Orgasms
13 minutes 4 seconds

Some fantastic advice here about the right way to stimulate a woman — and believe me guys, it’s not all about diving straight into play with the clit. You have to work your way around to it gradually, so if you don’t know the best foreplay techniques listen carefully to this module, where you’re going to pick up the kind of tips dear old dad never shared with you (not that he knew about them, either).

If you want advice – which you do of course, for the sake of your partner’s pleasure as well as your own – then listen carefully to what Jason has to say about bringing a woman off by hand, and take note of how to stimulate your girl, both inside and outside. And listen even more carefully to what he says about stimulating her clitoris, because only when you really understand how to play with her clit can you really get her off in a way she enjoys. 

Oh, and how would you know she has got off? Maybe she makes a lot of noise when she comes, and it’s obvious … but it certainly isn’t always. I’ve been with a few women who just gave a gentle sigh when they came. So here are some essential clues for knowing if it was good for her. (Never ask her if she came … never, ever! Find out why in the video.) And finally, top up on some great advice: how to stimulate her clitoris during intercourse, so she actually has a reasonable chance of having an orgasm while you’re thrusting inside her.

Module 5: G spot Orgasms
14 minutes 49 seconds

If the female orgasm is as much a mystery to you as it is to most men, then this module  might be the most important of the whole program.

Jason explains – with the help of a model, plenty of lube, and his fingers – exactly how you can get a woman off in a way that makes her come like she’s never comes before – G spot orgasm through vaginal stimulation. Take it from me, this is the kind of orgasm most women have never experienced, but once you’ve brought your girl to the high peaks of sexual pleasure by stimulating the right place in the right way inside her vagina, she’s never going to look back – you’re going to be her sexual hero for ever.

Find out all the techniques and tricks for sexual success right here, and have her screaming your name tonight!

Module 6: The A Spot Orgasm (Or Deep Spot Orgasm)
9 minutes 29 seconds

If you don’t know about the A spot yet, you’re in for a big surprise! This is an area at the back of the vagina that has the power to make a woman go into orbit when you stimulate it in the right way. If you’re interested, you can read about it here. My advice, however is just to watch the video, get a woman on her back, lube her up, and show her what it really means to be in the hands of sexual maestro like yourself.

Module 7: Oral Sex
13 minutes

What do you think about the idea of being a champ at oral sex? How would you like to eat her out in the right way? The thing is, most guys learn about this from porn… and would it surprise you to hear that what you see in porn is all wrong? It’s done that way to allow the camera to get in there and show you what’s going on. So by finding out how to do it right, you can send her into orbit …. in a way that other guys just don’t even know about.

And Jason is great at setting the scene. You have to frame this just right for her. She’s almost certainly going to be a bit self-conscious about how she tastes or smells. By knowing the right way to tell her how much you enjoy giving her head … and then doing it even better than she ever thought possible, she will have mind-blowing orgasms. I mean, do you know how to give a woman oral sex so she feels like she’s being fucked by a bog dick? Priceless! And that tip from the porn star about how to make her G spot swell up….WOW!!!

Module 8: Squirting Orgasms
15 minutes 37 seconds

Ah yes, the real thing. Female Ejaculation. Squirting Orgasms. Not peeing, not stuff pushed in there before she squirts it out again (like porno films)…. it’s prostatic fluid. From her female prostate gland (the Skene gland). But why would a woman need a prostate? Oh, come on, she doesn’t. She just happens to have one because Mother Nature never decided to get rid of it. Now its only function is to give a woman squirting orgasms!

When you stimulate the G spot in the right way, she builds up fluid which can squirt out when she reaches orgasm – if she lets it. However, most women feel like they need to pee when this fluid builds up as they get more aroused, and so they clench up. Instead of letting the fluid out, they push it up into the bladder. Then they have a weaker orgasm. (That’s why so many women have to go pee after sex.)

Imagine if she let it out. Her orgasm would be WAY more powerful! Women who squirt can’t believe how strong their orgasms are. It’s like night and day.

Well, good news: Jason gives you all the tips, tricks and techniques you need to (1) make this happen, (2) persuade her it’s OK to spray it around, (3) make it feel AMAZING for her …… in fact, this can be so powerful that it makes her whole body shake and tremble with ecstasy for up to a minute, or even longer. And then she can do it again and again.

This is like nothing you or she has ever experienced before. Man, you have a duty to bring news of these astounding orgasms to her.  Nothing will ever be the same again…. (Because when she’s this horny, guess what she wants from you? F*cking. Pure and simple. And f*cking a woman who’s this horny and aroused is a totally, utterly, completely mind-blowing experience for a man.)

Module 9: Troubleshooting
7 minutes

Got a problem? Not squirting yet? Find the answer here.

Module 10: Forever Orgasms
26 minutes

Keep the fun going. Graduate from “mind-blowing orgasms” to “sending her into orbit orgasms”. Develop your skills. Know her vagina like it’s your backyard. Learn a whole load of new techniques to stimulate the clitoris, vagina, vulva, perineum, anus…. and all her other parts. It’s all getting a bit too much for me. I’m off to lie down for a while to recover.

More about the G spot.

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