Orgasm On Demand? Is That Really Possible?

Explaining The Art Of Easy Female Orgasm

This site is all about Jason Julius’s download Orgasm Arts – also known as “The Female Orgasm Blueprint.”

P2221852Orgasm Arts is a sexual information program that makes it easy for men to give women massive orgasms.

In this Jason Julius review, I’ll give you my genuine opinions about this program.

As a sex therapist, I’m passionate about honestly exploring the things that can make sex better for everyone. That’s why I’m a keen supporter of Orgasm Arts by Jason Julius.

By the way, if you want to visit the program right now, without reading any more from me, you can find a link in the box at the top of the right hand column. Important: You’re going to see a frank and uninhibited video, so have your PC sound adjusted to the right volume.

If you want to know more, please read on and I’ll tell you exactly what’s in the Jason Julius download.

But Just Who Am I?

But first, who the heck am I? OK. Here’s some background. My name’s Laith Mowbray. I’m a therapist and I was one of the first people to produce sexual information and advice sites on the Internet, back in the year 2000. That’s several generations ago in internet terms.

I believe all of us want better sex, more passion, more excitement, and more sexual connection with our partners. That’s what my websites are all about.

m36fbIn fact, one of my sites,, has now received over 17.5 million visits from around 12 million people.

Because of my work as a therapist, and after years of working with men and women on sexual issues, I’ve come across a whole lot of internet programs which claim to help you have better sex. Only a few of them live up the promise.

And  I can tell you with absolute confidence that Jason Julius’s Orgasm Arts reveals

  • some amazing ways to help women enjoy massive orgasms
  • with powerful techniques for producing whole body orgasms and female ejaculation
  • in ways that will leave you and your partner astounded….


In fact, I think Orgasm Arts, also known as The Female Orgasm Blueprint, is one of the most powerful and effective ways to enjoy better orgasms, more of them, and develop a better relationship with better sex too!

If you’d like to know what makes me a passionate supporter of this program, please read on.

You’ll find out exactly why, after all the experiences I’ve had in more than 14 years of working in the field of human sexuality, I’m so passionate in my support of this program. It’s right up there among the top performers if you want better sex!

Working As A Sex Therapist Taught Me All About “Orgasm Arts”

In 1998 I started training as therapist, and since then I’ve done a lot of work with men in men’s groups and with couples in mixed groups.

I’d say that the two things which come up time and time again in both single sex and mixed sex groups are these:

  • First, men want more sex (and more exciting sex) than their partners seem to be willing to give them
  • Second, women are frustrated that they’re not able to orgasm easily – either during intercourse or in other sexual pleasures.
Woman reaching orgasm during intercourse
Woman reaching orgasm during intercourse

In fact very few women are able to reach orgasm during intercourse.

Research has shown that about 10% of women can reach climax and orgasm during lovemaking – and I suspect the real figure is actually about 5%.

Forget what you see on porno films. They have about as much to do with the average couple’s sex life as Casanova. (I mean, does anything in those films look like anything in your sex life?)

For the majority of women, the pleasures of orgasm come from either masturbation or oral pleasure by their partner.

Video – Orgasm During Intercourse For Women

Now, given these facts, it’s not surprising that some of the biggest sellers on the Internet are sexual advice programs which explain how women can become more easily orgasmic.

So yes, The Female Orgasm Blueprint does have some competition to stand up to. But Jason Julius reviews things in a unique way, unlike anyone else working in this field today.

Over the years I’ve seen these programs come and go, and I’ve promoted the best of them on my websites; that’s because I honestly believe that sex can easily be dramatically improved for both men and women.

Video: The Coital Alignment Technique

And I totally support the idea of better sex – and more sex – for everybody!

I think good sex can transform the whole quality of your life – so why don’t we all have great sex all the time?

Simply because so many things get in the way, or we just don’t know the simple sexual techniques which can lead to orgasmic bliss.

With The Female Orgasm Blueprint, Women Can Easily Enjoy Whole Body Orgasms and Female Ejaculation.

That leads to complete sexual ecstasy.

I know that any woman can develop the ability to enjoy amazing orgasms: I’ve seen and heard of it happening many, many times.

woman having an orgasmIn fact, women can get so much orgasmic pleasure during lovemaking that their whole personality changes… they want more sex, more often, simply because it’s so good, and they become much more relaxed, loving and lovable.

Men find the increased desire and passion of their female partner a delight, a truly wonderful thing!

After all, nothing’s as exciting as making love to an aroused woman, believe me. (I know because I used Jason Julius’s program to transform my own sex life.)

But so few of us know what a really turned on woman is like in bed.

That’s what the Female Orgasm Blueprint is all about. Really turning a woman on, and getting incredible sex yourself.

woman reaching orgasmIf you’re a man, having sex with a woman who’s really turned on is just astounding! It’s like nothing you ever experienced before. Talk about mind-blowing!

You’ll have amazing, intense orgasms. You’ll feel powerful. Sexually confident. And deeply satisfied.

(And, perish the thought, you’ll feel much less need to cast an eye elsewhere… well, you know what I mean! Men are men. We need the release of sex. Often.)

And another thing: who would ever have thought great sex could improve your emotional connection with your partner as well as your physical pleasure?

But it can – no doubt about it.

The Female Orgasm Blueprint Can:

  • make sex better for both you and your partner
  • produce a “win-win” situation where great sex brings you and your partner closer together
  • make your relationship more harmonious
  • and of course, give you both intense sexual pleasure.

position of the g spotAnd the easiest way for you and your partner to achieve extreme levels of sexual pleasure is to try Tantric sex techniques like stimulating the G spot and producing “whole body orgasms.”

(And don’t worry – this has nothing to do with non-ejaculation for the man, and nothing to do with learning complicated physical and mental exercises!)

The Female Orgasm Blueprint, The G Spot, and The Female Orgasm

The G spot is the key to sexual pleasure. And every woman has one, even if she doesn’t call it that – it’s the area on the upper surface of the vagina (as she lies on her back) that gives her pleasure during penetration and thrusting.

It’s why so many women insert a finger or two when they masturbate. And even if your woman doesn’t know about it yet, her G spot can be awakened to great sensitivity and is the door to infinite pleasure.

The point is this: a woman’s G spot is a most powerful trigger of whole-body orgasms – an orgasm that is felt not just as pleasure in the genitals (great though that is), but over the whole of the body.

You can think of it as sexual energy passing up through her body, her heart, her mind, and her feelings.

It’s hard to describe accurately, because it’s such a wonderful and deeply moving experience for a woman, but all women who’ve experienced a G spot or whole-body orgasm say that it’s way, way more satisfying than the normal clitoral orgasm – and it’s also deeply fulfilling on an emotional level, or even a spiritual level, come to that.

Women Want G Spot Orgasms!

does the g spot exist
Is she hiding her modesty or her G spot?

In short, a whole-body orgasm provides a woman with intense physical and emotional pleasure and fulfillment at the deepest level of her being.

No wonder that the very existence of the G Spot has been hotly debated by so-called experts (most of whom, I’ve noticed, are men): MOST COUPLES actually don’t know how to find the G Spot, or stimulate it, so they never achieve this wonderful state of sexual bliss.

But here’s the thing!

It isn’t particularly difficult for a woman to have a G Spot orgasm – in fact, the techniques have been known to men and women “doing” Tantric sex for a very long time. Now Tantric sex courses can be found all over the place.

But although you might want to pay 1000’s of dollars for a weekend seminar, I’m thinking you might prefer to buy Jason Julius’ download of Orgasm Arts more!

That way you will discover all the secrets of great sex in just a few hours….. especially since it can totally transform your sex life for the better!

Video – Finding the G Spot

The Contents of Orgasm Arts Reviewed

Many of these sexual techniques have become popular in the West through online information and weekend courses that aim to teach people the principles of G spot stimulation.

Indeed, my partner and I went on a Better Sex workshop in 2002 — we were extremely fortunate to be able to do it in Hawaii — and there’s no doubt that it completely changed the basis of our relationship and massively increased our sexual pleasure.

We already knew something about the concept of G spot orgasm because we discovered, almost by accident, that when I was pleasuring my partner orally, if I inserted a finger into her vagina and stimulated her G spot, the power of her orgasm increased, and it went on for longer….. her orgasm was also much richer and deeper.

Inadvertently, without even trying, we’d discovered the principle of G spot stimulation and G spot orgasm.

But of course, like so many things in life, nothing is quite as straightforward and simple as it might seem at first. For one thing, the G spot seems to act as a kind of nerve center where sexual trauma can be stored; and for a woman, sexual trauma comes in many forms.

It can be caused by any unwanted episode of sexual intercourse, by abuse, by rape, of course, and even by a woman having sexual contact when she doesn’t really want to, but she’s doing it to please her partner.

To achieve the flow of sexual energy round the body that is necessary for a whole-body orgasm, these blockages or traumas need to be released from a woman’s nervous system, otherwise she won’t be capable of responding to G spot stimulation in the way that produces whole body sexual pleasure.

So you need to know how to release these blockages — and happily, it isn’t difficult! In the field of human sexuality, the Internet has been more important than just about anything else, because it provides such valuable and essential information — by telling us the things we need to know to be able to achieve the greatest pleasure.

As I already said, over the last 10 years I’ve learned massive amounts about human sexuality. I’ve learned all about the best sexual techniques, I’ve been on many Tantra workshops, I’ve specialized in male and female sexuality in my work, and I’ve learned all about great sex with my partner.

So now, if you are looking for the simplest, quickest route to the enormous pleasure of the best sex possible, including G spot or whole-body orgasms, I can show you the way.

Orgasm Arts – The Female Orgasm Blueprint

Jason Julius’s program is packed full of great sexual secrets to transform your sex life. And I’m going to tell you all about it … including exactly What You Get For Your Money!

The program is on video, instantly downloadable from the Internet, and it shows you all the things you need to know: in fact, that’s the first area where Orgasm Arts triumphs over the competition.

You can discover, among many other things –

  • the exact location where stimulation should be applied
  • how to stimulate the G spot
  • how to produce female ejaculation and intense orgasms
  • why a woman is sometimes ready for a G spot orgasm and why sometimes she isn’t
  • what can help promote whole body orgasm and what can stop it
  • how to put her in the state of mind where she can relax into a whole body orgasm
  • how to do this in and out of a relationship with a woman
  • in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t actually matter if you’re in a relationship or not — what really matters is that there is respect and trust between the two partners
  • how to cultivate trust and respect so she can relax into whole body orgasms
  • how you can enjoy the best sex you ever had as you benefit from her arousal
  • most of all, you discover how to overcome a woman’s fears and inhibitions about G spot orgasm.

Overcoming inhibitions is incredibly important because sometimes a woman who’s reaching the heights of G spot orgasm may actually ejaculate fluid as she comes.

Although that’s incredibly sexy for the man and incredibly powerful for the woman (as well as intensely satisfying), sometimes a woman is embarrassed about it and shuts down.

You probably realize by now that there’s a level of emotional release necessary for G spot orgasm. Yes, a woman needs to be relaxed enough to cast aside her inhibitions. Yes, Orgasm Arts – The Female Orgasm Blueprint – will give you the best sex ever!

Within a few hours, you’ll know all the simple sexual techniques you need to enjoy the highest levels of orgasmic pleasure you ever experienced!

I also ought to explain why it’s so good for men. And the answer is this: almost invariably when a woman’s had a G spot orgasm, she wants the deepest and most profound connection with her male lover — she wants him inside her, she wants to surround him with her love and her sexuality, and she wants to give him the greatest pleasures of her body.

He’s already going to be incredibly aroused, because he’s had a powerful male experience: he’s taken his partner to the highest peaks of sexual bliss (and that’s massively important for a man in terms of his sexual power and self-esteem).

To make love to a woman who’s just had this kind of orgasm is totally different to making love to a woman who’s so-so aroused. Her vagina is swollen, very wet indeed, fully engorged (horrible word, but the right one) and very warm. her arousal is high. She’s totally on heat. She’s a sexual animal. She wants you, and she wants you to fuck her.

The physical pleasure is immense, yes, but there’s more.

It’s often been said that women need to feel loving to enjoy sex; the counterpart is that men need to have sex to feel loving. Nowhere is that more true and more possible for a man than in this version of sexual intercourse.

The open and loving attitude of his partner, the gift of the immense pleasure that she grants him, and the powerful energetic interaction between them during this kind of sex, means that more often than not a man’s heart will fully open to his partner.

He will be exposed to the joy of sexual fulfillment and emotional connection to his partner at a deep level. And if that doesn’t sound appealing, then just think of the physical pleasure you’ll get. It’s a lot better than “normal” intercourse!

Orgasm Arts approaches this subject in the most easy-to-understand and respectful way, and it has more useful information than any other program that I’m aware of (i.e. no fluff or filler).

As I said before it comes in downloadable form: video material which you can watch on your computer or record onto your iPod. That way, you can review it whenever you want, whenever it’s convenient, or in the company of your partner.

Jason Julius Reviewed –
Author of Orgasm Arts & The Female Orgasm Blueprint

I’ve researched the guy who presents this program, Jason Julius, and I’ve discovered he’s a bit of a character, to say the least, but his whole approach conveys sincerity and respect for the subject he’s talking about and deep respect for you, his audience.

That respect extends to things such as excellent customer service and a no-quibble money back guarantee.

One of the problems that the internet faces these days is that it’s full of so-called “unbiased reviews” which are solely designed to promote a product and are in fact anything but unbiased.

So I want you to be fully aware that if you do buy this program I’ll receive a commission for it. But remember I’m a trained sexual therapist, and I’ve worked for over 10 years both in groups and on the Internet helping men and women to achieve greater sexual pleasure and overcome sexual problems.

In my own relationship with my partner, I’ve experienced a deepening and growth of our love and sexual pleasure over that time, at least in part because we’ve used the techniques that Jason Julius reviews so skillfully in his program Orgasm Arts.

I also have, as you can guess now, a passionate belief that the more orgasms and the better the sex a couple enjoy, the better their relationship.

And what else? Well, the better our intimate relationships, the more pleasure and harmony we can send out into the world, so that society as a whole benefits.

It might sound a bit trite to say it, but I do believe this: the more orgasms we have, the better our world will be to live in !

I want you to enjoy the greater sexual pleasure possible, the happiest relationship you can imagine, and the most amazing orgasms possible…..

And I’d be delighted to hear any success stories you may have about Orgasm Arts – The Female Orgasm Blueprint, and if it didn’t work for you, let me know that as well.  That way, I can actually publish real testimonials from users in this review. So if you want to do that, please email me – see the contact page for my email!

Exciting News – The G Spot Exists!

Well, many of us always believed it did anyway – but now there is total proof:

A scientific article which proves the G spot exists!

Now if that doesn’t silence the doubters, I don’t know what will…

Orgasm Information 1

Orgasm Information 2

Orgasm Information 3

How To Get What You Want

What Is Manifestation?

Getting what you want. As simple as that. But first things first.

One of the interesting things about any self-development program is the fact that motivation and intention play a massive role in achieving whatever objective it is that you’ve set for yourself.

This is just as true in the area of sexual satisfaction and relationships as it is in setting financial targets, or any other materialistic objective such as having a new house or car.

Now, people often shy away from the idea that you can create your reality (especially your sexual reality) by a process of manifestation, but in fact this is a mistake.

As human beings, we are designed to take advantage of the universe’s tendency to respond to requests that are put out to it in good faith, accompanied by complete belief and passionate intensity.

In every case of self-improvement that I’ve personally facilitated or observed,  clear intention has been material to the success achieved. Click here to read more about this.

But when women are trying to achieve easy orgasms (i.e ones reached without emotional difficulty or excessive physical activity) there are some extra things to be careful about.

For the truth of the matter is that women have to be very determined and clear about what changing historical patterns – especially around sexual expression. This is because it is their very determination and the emotional energy which is generated that fuel the process of manifestation and creating a desired outcome. Yet by definition, anorgasmia is a state associated with low libidinous energy!

The Steps in Manifestation

These are classic steps and you’ll all undoubtedly have heard about them before, but it’s well worth repeating them.

The first one is to picture exactly what it is that you want in every possible detail, using the process of visualization for a few minutes morning and evening to implant the expectation of success in your subconscious mind.

The second step is to generate intense desire: which basically means that you must be passionate about whatever it is that you trying to create or manifest.

Since matters of the heart, and sexual issues, are some of the most emotionally important to human beings, if your objectives center in this area, the emotional energy that fuels the process of manifestation should not be hard to generate.

Third, you must believe passionately, and without a shadow of doubt, that you can actually achieve whatever it is that you are trying to manifest in your life – be that material, emotional, spiritual, or indeed something in any other area of your existence.

Negative beliefs are the absolutely critical factor in determining success or failure in the process of manifestation. Few people will ever be able to succeed in obtaining their desires unless they deal with the negative beliefs that they hold about themselves and their capacity to generate what it is they want in the real world.

You see, the point about negative beliefs is that they destroy the emotional energy that fuels the process of manifestation: unless you believe, you won’t be able to generate the emotional excitement and joy that surrounds the achievement of your goal or objective in your imagination.

And that emotional energy is absolutely critical to the process of co-creation. (In case you’re wondering, co-creation refers to the fact that anything that you achieve will only manifest through the cooperation of the Universal Laws of Nature – otherwise known as God, Cosmic Consciousness, the Mystery or some other Euphemism for the Intelligence that lies behind our existence, and the existence of every other thing in the cosmos.)

Fourth, and finally, you must take action of some kind: it doesn’t necessarily have to be the massive action recommended by some writers and authorities on the process of manifestation, but you do have to do something.

There are two reasons for this: the first is that taking action demonstrates the universe that you are genuinely intent on creating an outcome. The second is that taking action signals to your own subconscious that you have a desire to achieve some specific objective, and that you’re working towards it.

By focusing your subconscious in this way, you’re much more likely to see any passing opportunities, and also more likely to come across what look like “coincidences” or, in other words, serendipitous events which help you on the way to your desired outcome.

Now having said all that, of course there are many resources available which can help you in learning about the techniques of manifestation and co-creation.

You don’t have to do all this yourself; in fact, many experts in this area would say that it’s actually impossible to do it yourself, because you would be operating outside universal laws of nature… And they are not called “laws” for nothing!

One of the websites that I found particularly helpful in understanding manifestation and The Laws of Attraction is The Real Secret, which you can find if you click here.

It’s also incredibly important to remember that manifestation is a natural human skill, but there are certain prerequisites before you can actually make it happen!

The universe isn’t capricious, but then on the other hand the universe doesn’t respond to requests made superficially, or without serious intention.

You got to have complete belief, you got have fervent desire, and you got to have positive expectation that what you are trying to manifest will actually happen.

If you’d like to read a whole load of manifestation techniques, you can do that here. One of the key factors, without any doubt, is the intensity or solidity of your belief about the process of manifestation.

This could be summed up by repeating one of Napoleon Hill’s famous aphorisms: what the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve!

A Review of Orgasm Arts and The Female Orgasm Blueprint